Ireland’s 4th International Children’s
Palliative Care Conference:

Contemporary Challenges in the Care of Children with Complex and Palliative Care Needs
An Interdisciplinary Conference

Thursday 21st - Friday 22nd November 2019

National University of Ireland Galway



The Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) is a national charity, set up in1986 to fund and develop hospice services. Since then we have expanded our scope to encompass the broad range of issues affecting the end of life.

Our programmes now seek to address the needs of people dying at home, in hospitals and in other care settings, and also those bereaved.

The Irish Hospice Foundation has been involved in supporting the development of children’s palliative care services in Ireland since 2005.

Our vision: No-one will face death or bereavement without the care and support they need.

Our mission: To strive for the best care at end of life, for all.